Co- Presidents:
Krystina Tomlinson 516-680-0333
Meredith Wachter 917-232-2050
Co-Vice Presidents:
Amber Burd 856-371-4978
Natalya Kapoor 516-567-8666


Christine O’Mahony 646-379-5158
Co-Recording Secretaries:
Lindsay Fox 917-302-3575
Leanne Heeg 917-691-3267
Corresponding Secretary:
Theresa Hach 914-557-0595

Board of Directors

Tracee Bosch  516-376-3479
Whitney Baran 516-319-8748
Kristin Geiger 203-887-3889
Andrea Cilmi 516-993-3476
Corinna Creedon 917-837-6986
LeighAnn Eliseo 917-613-1540 
Melissa Keaveney 516-815-7954
Dana Hansen 917-523-8723
Megan Walsh 339-221-3254
Kristin Vandermass 201-532-5221
Amanda Schneider 516-426-7826
Michelle Sciame 516-375-2636
Lauren Cifuentes 516-815-8259

The above information is to be used solely by and for LVEPC members only.

It is not to be given to others or used for any other purpose other than communications pertaining to the LVEPC.