Board (2022-2023)

Please mail if you need to contact the board or reach out directly.

Co- Presidents:
Lindsay Fox
Whitney Baran
Co-Vice Presidents:
Melissa Keaveney
Hema Kaur


Leanne Heeg
Meredith Wachter
Co-Recording Secretaries:
Claudia Kulhanek-Pereira
Corresponding Secretary:
Kristin VanderMass

Board of Directors


Lindsay Bathie
Carly Spad-Drimmer
Heather London
Marisa Minutoli
Corinna Creedon
Lauren Spurchise
Kristin Geiger

The above information is to be used solely by and for LVEPC members only.

It is not to be given to others or used for any other purpose other than communications pertaining to the LVEPC.